King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

King of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Bully, authoritarian, just, assertive, intelligent, cold, highly principled, honourable.

King of Swords Tarot Card Description

Like the rest of the court cards (pages, knights and queens), the King of Swords tells us about a person, either you, or someone who will enter your life. Physically, the King of Swords is said to be a fair man aged 35 or older. Psychologically, he is said to represent someone who is clever and highly principled.

Upright Meaning

Your view of the King of Swords will depend on what you want to gain from him. If you want straight forward honest advice with no frills, he is you man. If you want someone to wipe away your tears and offer emotional support, you are on a hiding to nothing. It’s not that the King of Swords is callous, he just doesn’t ‘do’ emotions. An individual operating under this vibe, can’t see why you would waste your time with feelings when a little common sense will sort out your problem. As a consequence, the King of Swords can be a reminder that you need to be less concerned with what you are feeling and spend more time thinking things through. This card can represent a person who is objective and usually fair, but in the right (or rather, the wrong) circumstances, they can become dogmatic with impossibly high standards. In work and business matters, this card suggests that your communication skills are well honed at the moment. The King of Swords is also a card of high moral principles, so any ethical related enterprise is likely to do well. Obviously by extension, this can apply to charity work or acts relating to pressure groups. The King of Swords asks you to celebrate your intellectual side and not to shy away from using it to impress others, so this card is particularly fortunate for students, quiz fans and those working in the legal arena. Sadly, this card is less benign in matters related to the heart, and it can mean that either you or your partner is cold and withdrawn, or it could be that one of you is intellectually intimidated by the other.

Reversed Meaning

You may have spent ages thinking matters through, but this does not mean everyone has to agree with your point of view - avoid being intolerant and doctrinaire. Someone around you may be very bright, but that does not give them the right to make you feel small. No-one is infallible, not even them, and they may need to be reminded of that fact. Keep an eye out for a bully, they will try to get their way with deceit and cunning, when that fails, they could try being aggressive. This could be one time when confrontation is your only option, because appeasement will only make things worse.

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