Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Sensitivity, romance, over dramatic, rescue, imagination, falseness, two faced.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Description

The four knights of the tarot pack can be interpreted in various ways. One interpretation is based on the physical appearance of someone whose influence is foretold by the card’s presence in the reading. The Knight of Cups is said to portray an adult under thirty-five years of age, who has brown hair and blue/grey eyes.

Upright Meaning

The knight represents the energy of a given suit of cards at its most extreme, so emotions are running rife in your life at the moment, or soon will be. At its best, the Knight of Cups suggests a liaison which is passionate and romantic. Indeed, there is every chance you will find yourself involved with an amour who is charming, emotional and a great lover, who wants to do their utmost to please you. If your relationship is rocky, this card suggests that you need to consider if you have expected too much from our partner. If the answer is no, then you may need to inject some romantic moments back into your relationship. Equally, the Knight of Cups can ask you to question whether you are being totally unrealistic in relation to your friendships, business or family life. This could mean that in your search for perfection, you have set your goals too high and that no-one and nothing can please you. Alternatively, are you about to rush out and rescue someone, or do you hope to be rescued? Either way, you need to establish that things are really as they seem. For example, does the person you are going to ‘save’ really need or want saving in the first place? In business and creative matters, you are able to be very inventive, but you may find difficulty in benefiting from your abilities because of an unrealistic approach to their implementation.

Reversed Meaning

Hurrah, here comes your saviour on a white horse, armour shining in the sun. Hummmm, perhaps you need to look a bit closer, is that wonderful white charger actually a dragon in disguise, could it be that the shiny armour is showing more than a few specks of rust? It might be that your hero is actually a horror. In matters of cash and business, keep your eye on the details, as there could be some sharks swimming along with the fiscal fishes, and your savings could make a tasty snack for them. Even if charlatans aren’t eyeing up your readies, an unexpected event could see your shares slide and your pennies plundered. In social and relationship matters, the reversed Knight of Cups suggests you will be in contact with a petulant and irritable individual who is sensitive to their own feelings but totally disinterested in the needs of others.

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