Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card Nine of Cups Keywords

Well-being, contentment, happiness, satisfaction, self-satisfied, smug, sensuality.

Tarot Card Nine of Cups Description

Odd numbers are often particularly positive when it comes to tarot card numerology (although fives can be a bit more ‘difficult’). So it won’t be too much of a surprise to discover that the Nine of Cups is sometimes known as ‘The Wish Card’.

Upright Meaning

There is said to be a Chinese curse that goes, ‘may all your wishes come true’. When the Nine of Cups appears in your reading, there is no need to be so pessimistic, your wishes can be realized in a positive manner. Nevertheless, the Chinese sages knew a thing or two. To really benefit from all The Nine of Cups has to offer, you need to take responsibility for your ambitions and know what it is you really want. The chances are you will get what you desire, but make sure you will not regret it in the future. The Nine of Cups encourages you to celebrate all that you have achieved so far and to rejoice in your situation. There is a proviso to this, and that is that you don’t allow all your successes to make you too smug. Remember that smugness can lead to others rejecting you due to their envy. Furthermore, when the green eyed monster appears, you need to watch out, as it can cause resentment and manipulation. The Nine of Cups suggest that your plans are likely to reach fruition, and that you are entering a time of celebration and happiness. Still, don’t forget that you still need to be willing to work hard and remain focused. If you fancy trying your hand at something creative, you could find that you are more than delighted with the results of your endeavours. Equally, previously learnt skills can also be employed to produce dividends.

Reversed Meaning

You may be living in a fool’s paradise. Everything may seem fine, or even perfect, but this may not actually be a realistic assessment of the state of affairs. Is there an underlying problem which you are deliberately ignoring? This is not the time to be complacent or self-satisfied, but to address the issues before the situation deteriorates. You also need to consider if you have been a bit too self-indulgent recently. If so, a little more self discipline is likely to help you succeed. Equally, it may be that you have been grinning like the cat that scoffed the cream; cut it out - this is the sort of attitude that will alienate those around you and see you vainly seeking help when life is a bit less sweet and your smile eventually fades.

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