Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Direct, realistic, straightforward, open, honest, unemotional, independent, misanthropic.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Description

Like the page, knight and king, the Queen of Swords tells us about a person. Traditionally, The Queen of Swords is said to represent a fair woman over 35, she is often said to represent a widow or divorcee. Today, many tarot readers prefer a psychological approach and say she represents a shrewd and fast thinking individual.

Upright Meaning

Like the rest of the sword court cards, The Queen of Swords suggests someone who is direct and intelligent. Such a person is likely to succeed at anything they put their mind to. It could be you that is particularly astute at the moment or someone around you. Either way, this ability to cut to the crux of the matter is a bonus that can work in your favour. If you think the Queen of Swords represents someone you know, you can rest assured they are trustworthy and straightforward. This person is unpretentious, upfront and honest. To be frank, and the Queen of Swords is always that, they could be a little too direct, and there may be times when you wish they would be a little more diplomatic. The person represented by the Queen of Swords may be intellectual, but when it comes to emotional matters, they probably dither about like the proverbial duck in a thunder storm. Obviously they have feelings, but they are buried so deeply they never see the light of day, and any emotional issues will see them diving for cover. If you are the cerebral type, take the time to check that you are not hiding behind your intellect to avoid confronting any difficult emotions you have. If you are of a more demonstrative and passionate nature, the appearance of this card could suggest that you need to temper this side of your character with a bit more logic and scepticism.

Reversed Meaning

You may be running a successful business or studying particle physics, but is all this clever activity masking your emotional needs? Alternatively, are you expecting too much of other people? You may manage to meet your exacting standards, but it is doubtful that anyone else can. Business and career plans could bump into something of a brick wall as you find yourself confronted by a powerful adversary. You may not be aware of what you could have done to earn their spite, but they will need very careful handling. Generally, a domineering woman can cause you grief, she is vindictive and loves to criticise those around her. One of the clues that can help you to recognise her will be her misanthropic attitude. If you are able to delve a little deeper, you could discover that this is due to a problem in her personal life.

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