Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Imagination, subconscious, dreams, aspirations, hopes, confusion, self-indulgence, too many choices.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Description

The suite of Cups represents our emotions, but it also refers to ‘gut feelings,’ instinct and at its most extreme, psychic abilities. Twin this with the mystical number seven, and you can be sure your subconscious is craving your attention.

Upright Meaning

The Seven of Cups has a number of possible meanings. The first is that you have so many options that you are spoilt for choice. This plethora of possibilities has led to you becoming bogged down in a quagmire, unable to decide which path to pursue. You really need to make up your mind if you are to make any progress. On the plus side, once you have committed yourself to a decision, the results can be very pleasing. The second meaning asks you to consider if you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Are your expectations and plans so ambitious that they verge on being ridiculous, or are you just over confident about your abilities? It’s good to set high goals, but you need to learn to walk before you decide to challenge Usain Bolt to a race. Yet another possibility is that you are having a wonderful time, but that this has gone too far. When you should be putting your head down and doing some work, you are more likely to be enjoying some hedonistic hell raising. Even if you have managed to avoid partying to the wee small hours, it could well be that you have become a bit of a ‘duvet day’ dude, who spends more time dozing than ‘doing’. If there is any truth in the notion of ‘beauty sleep,’ you should be getting a call from Vogue soon! If not, you’ll almost certainly get one from your boss wondering where you are. Now, it’s just possible you might be gulping your power breakfast and wondering what on earth I am on about, because you haven’t left your desk since last month when you stopped to grab a sandwich. In which case, The Seven of Cups actually wants you to make time to daydream and enjoy yourself. Which of the above is true for you? Well, only you can say, but to move forward you must be frank with yourself.

Reversed Meaning

You may have to face some difficult questions and you need to consider if you have been deluding yourself in regard to your own talents. Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to take on the world just yet. Equally, it could be that you have totally misread the situation and things are not at all as they seem. Before you make a serious mistake, you may need to reassess your situation. Either way, you need to get back in touch with reality - sharpish!

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