Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

The past, memories, reminiscences, childhood, inner child, playfulness.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Description

In tarot numerology, the number six is associated with care and nurturing. When you combine this number with cups, which is the suite most associated with emotions, you can be sure that a gentle, pleasant and heart-warming time is yours for the taking.

Upright Meaning

The Six of Cups concerns itself with childhood and nostalgia. When it appears in a reading, it suggests that you will find yourself flicking through old photographs and reminiscing about your past. This card encourages you to lighten up and see the world through innocent eyes. This could mean learning something new, perhaps a craft you remember an older family member practising or a hobby which you enjoyed as a child but that you have let slip as time has passed by. Do you remember how curious you were as a little one? Could you recapture that sense of wonder by studying a new subject? Alternatively, you could find that walking down the beach and collecting shells, or if you’re really daring, building a sandcastle, could raise your spirits. This is a good time to be brave and find some bright colours to add to your wardrobe, as this can lighten your mood further and make you seem even more approachable.   If all that seems a little too much too soon, why not treat yourself so some candyfloss or partake of your favourite childhood sweet. Of course, for some people the past can be a shadowy place full of sharp stones, if so, the Six of Cups suggests you are in a good position to release this negativity and create some happier memories for yourself. This is also a time when simple friendships are important - a face from the past could seem to appear from nowhere to share your fun. The joy of friendships at this time, is that they are so simple, there will be no complex undercurrent or favours to be sought beyond seeking to spend your time with a likeminded soul. When the Six of Cups crops up in your reading, you present a friendly openness and goodwill to others. Even better, when folks see your sunny smile they are drawn to your warmth. The arrival of the Six of Cups with its emphasis on attracting joy, is also fortunate if you are house or job seeking, as it can imply that your quest is about to be successful.

Reversed Meaning

It’s time to put down the photo album and move towards the front door. Reminiscences are all very well, but you need to get out into the world. Yes, you may have problems you’d prefer to forget, but they won’t go away unless you do something about them. Whatever difficulties you face, you need to be proactive and get them resolved.

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