Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Hope, travel, recovery, leaving the past behind, new ideas, overcoming difficulties.

Six of Swords Tarot Card Description

No-one could pretend that the suite of swords aren’t a grumpy old bunch most of the time, and few folks relish their appearance in a spread. The Six of Swords is a bit different though. The number six brings with it a spirit of independence and communication, which sits comfortably with this unemotional suite of cards.

Upright Meaning

It’s likely that past events have puckered your brow and caused you a few sleepless nights into the bargain. By now you’ve worked your way through the trials and tribulations that seem to have dogged you, and have reconciled yourself to past events. The Six of Swords suggests that you’re able to move on, both from your actual problems and from the mental stress they have caused you. The good news is that you seem to be moving towards a more positive time when life can seem good again. You may not be jumping for joy or confident about what is before you, but you can see a way forward and you have the strength to give it a go. This positive attitude will bring you to a much pleasanter place. In relationship matters, you need to get talking, you and your partner may have to make compromises, but as long as you remain honest with each other everything can work out well. The Six of Swords is a card which celebrates communication, so if you need to ask for help or get to the truth of a matter, now is the ideal opportunity to start talking. This is also a good time to be creative, especially if you have someone to bounce ideas off. Any artistic or craft related activities which are done as part of a group or with a partner, can produce some fine results. In business, this is the moment to bounce some unusual or even off-the-wall ideas around with colleagues or business partners - you could all be amazed at what develops.

Reversed Meaning

You aren’t an ostrich, so all you will gain from burying your head in the sand is gritty eyes. If you have a problem, you need to attack it head on, coming up with half-hearted ‘solutions’ is not going to get you anywhere. Temporary fixes work, but only temporarily, then they’ll make things much worse. If you have the sense to face the issue head on and get it sorted, you’ll be able to move on and find life becomes easier. Be careful if you feel like seeking retribution over a wrong which you believe you have suffered. If you do go down this path, use a recognised form of arbitration, taking matters into your own hands will be counterproductive and can land you in some boiling water.

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