Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Achievement, contentment, commitment, family, happiness, domesticity.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Description

As is frequently the case with general numerology, in tarot numerology when a number is bigger than nine, its digits are added together, thus ten become 1+0. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to work out this gives it the value of one. According to tarot numerology, ‘one’ is associated with achieving your goals.

Upright Meaning

Glad tidings! The joy you seek is within your grasp. This is a time when the deepest joys of life can bring you great happiness, thus family matters, relationships and emotional well being are all potential sources of delight. The Ten of Cups is like all cups, a card connected to emotions, so romantic matters should be particularly blessed. If you are considering tying the knot or moving in together, this is an excellent card to find in your spread. The Ten of Cups is also a card that brings contentment to relationships which are ‘near’ to you in some way. This could refer to emotional closeness, genetic ties, family bonds or simply being on a good footing with the folks in your neighbourhood. Sometimes family life can be a bit strained, and the Ten of Cups suggest that reconciliation is possible, although it may be you who has to offer an olive branch first.  The Ten of Cups is a peace loving card in other ways too, so if you are involved in any work (paid or otherwise), connected to peace or building bridges, any results you are expecting at this time are likely to be positive. With the fates smiling kindly on you now (or at least in the near future), this is a great opportunity to take up new challenges or try new experiences. If times have been tough of late, this card is a truly welcome sight as it brings the hope of better times around the corner, particularly in relation to emotional fulfilment and a more balanced existence.

Reversed Meaning

Just when things seemed to be going so well, someone had to throw a spanner in the works. It may seem as if you can’t say or do the right thing; as squabbles and scowls seem to surround you. Take heart and try not to let this pettiness get you down, the chances are none of this is your fault. If romance is on your mind, you could find your search for love is becoming a bit of an obsession. Do you really want to be with a particular person, or is it that you are more than a little in love with the idea of love itself?  If you are already matched, don’t let an idealized image of ‘happy ever after’ cast a shadow on the ups and downs of a perfectly good relationship.

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