Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Abundance, good fortune, security, prosperity, celebration, creativity, friends, community.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Description

The suite of cups considers how we feel. In the case of the Three of Cups we have moved away from cozy coupledom, which is represented by the Two of Cups and are considering how we feel about society, chums, work colleagues and neighbours. In tarot related matters, the number three relates to communication and creative output - the very act of trying to reach out to other folks.

Upright Meaning

The Three of Cups is a social card, taking us away from our immediate family and partner and into the wider world. In business matters, the Three of Cups encourages entrepreneurs to explore new markets, take on new staff, make connections and, if they are feeling particularly brave, engage in a little philanthropy. If you are seeking work or a change of career, networking can be a useful way to move forward; opportunities may even be made known to you via a friend. Socially, this is the ideal time to meet up with pals old and new. Don’t forget websites and the telephone can also keep you in touch with friends and family far away too. The Three of Cups urges you to accept any invitations that come your way. Obviously you can expect to have a good time, but you may benefit in other ways as well. The Three of Cups asks you to go out into the world and enjoy yourself, particularly in the company of others. This could mean hosting a party, joining a society or taking an evening class - anything creative is particularly likely to give you great satisfaction at this time. In matters of personal development, the Three of Cups requests you to explore how you relate to group situations; are you a shrinking violet or a shrieking diva, and do you need to consider why you might act this way? If something has been worrying you, draw on support from friends and others in your circle, they could prove to be a Godsend. Perhaps a more general issue has got your goat. If you really want things to change, joining or even forming your own pressure group, could get results as well as cementing friendships.

Reversed Meaning

Are you a wincey bit too much of a party animal, or do you spend so much time in the company of others that you’ve neglected some of the more mundane aspects of life - such as earning enough dosh to pay the gas bill? The reversed Three of Cups suggests you need to make more time to be alone, so a little introspection could be in order. The Three of Cups also encourages you not to lose sight of the needs and feelings of others as you indulge in a hedonistic haze.

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