Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Hurt, painful truth, separation, new beginnings, rejection, alienation, feeling let down.

Three of Swords Tarot Card Description

The numerological value of three is connected with creativity. But this can see it at odds with the suite of swords which is the cerebral suite of the tarot. It is also associated with creativity, which again sits difficultly with the intellectual, but somewhat cold vibe of swords. Thus, the Three of Swords can be one of the more uncomfortable cards to find in your spread, yet its shadow side can be overcome with the right attitude.

Upright Meaning

You may be feeling at a particularly low ebb at the moment, perhaps a romance has hit the rocks or your cash flow has turned into a draught. You could well want to draw back from the world and become something of a recluse. This is a natural reaction, particularly if you feel you have been made to look something of a fool; however, this is not the time to withdraw from the world. You are more likely to gain comfort if you turn to your friends, or even a support group of some kind. For once, the suite of swords’ obsession with logic can come to your aid. Often, swords totally ignore the emotions, but in this case you can use their vibe to your advantage. If you apply a detached approach to you emotional turmoil, you can see a way through your problems. Your emotions are likely to be based on reality, but you have added irrational fears into the mix, and these are what you need to avoid. The Three of Swords is also associated with jealousy - but this can be a very complex issue. You may be jealous of your partner, but is it because they really cannot be trusted, or is it you that lacks the confidence to believe you are worthy of being loved? You desperately need to sort this out before you ruin what could be a fine relationship.

Reversed Meaning

Just because you have been hurt, this really is no excuse to ensure everyone else suffers too. One person may have hurt you, but not everyone is out to do the same, so try to lighten up and show your warmer side. You may also fear your beloved is playing away from home - of course they could be. Alternatively, your jealousy could see you tilting at windmills. The problem with this is that you could actually drive your other half into the very behaviour that has you going green with envy. You may be deeply hurt by a separation which could be romantic, the end of a friendship or the break-up of a business arrangement. The situation could become acrimonious and worse still, drawn-out. Using you head rather than your heart will see you through.

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