Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords Tarot Card Keywords

Repressed emotions, denial, pretended indifference, conflict resolution, peace.

Two of Swords Tarot Card Description

Swords are cards which interest themselves in our mental reactions and logical behaviour.  In numerology, the number two is associated with negotiation. Thus the Two of Swords considers how we use our reason to negotiate our interactions with other people for better or worse.

Upright Meaning

When we have been hurt, we often learn to take avoiding action. The Two of Swords suggests you have made an art of being defensive, probably for the best of reasons. Nevertheless, this is no longer serving you well, and you need to let down you barriers a little.  This card suggests that you or someone around you tends to hide or even deny that they have any emotions. Everyone has feelings, so what is there to be gained by pretending they are not there? It is also possible that you have been repressing your feelings. Think about it, do you tend to stifle a shout because you don’t want to cause a scene, or perhaps you tether your tears to stop upsetting others? If you do this or something like it, you need to stop now, this is not good for you, nor does it help others know where they stand. As you will have begun to realise now, The Two of Swords is a card that asks for forthrightness and honesty. You need to be frank with yourself - are you being totally candid about a situation? If you think you may have been fooling yourself, ask yourself why. Could it be that this is the only way you can cope with an unbearable situation? Perhaps the time has come to face the truth and make a change. You could also find yourself working as a peacemaker between two opposing factions, or weighing up two alternatives to make a decision. Alternatively, your heart and mind may pull you in different directions - again you need to be scrupulously candid with yourself.

Reversed Meaning

Sometimes you just can’t patch up differences; this is a case in point. You may have managed to keep two mutually antagonistic sides from squabbling, but this is unlikely to continue. A sticking plaster can no longer cover a serious break, and a conflict is likely to ensue. Alternatively, someone close to you could be putting up barriers which will leave you confused as to their intentions and feelings. Equally, it may be you who is alienating others, and those who are dearest to you are left to stand scratching their heads as you do a great impression of an iceberg! Of course, it may not only be other folks that are unsure of your feelings, it could be that you are struggling to understand your own dreams and desires.

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