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The Kings Speech Colin Firth's Horoscope…

For Actor, Colin Firth, the good times continue to roll, with adding the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the ‘The King’s Speech’s to winning best actor, for the second year running in the BAFTA’s. All this suggestes the heartthrob’s status and movie success means nothing is out of this ‘King’s Reach’!

Colin first registered on people’s radar through the BBC’s adaptation of Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, as Fitzwilliam Darcy, stepping out of a lake in a drenched white shirt and breeches. This role quickly secured Colin much female attention, including that of the writer, Helen Fielding, who already borrowing Austen’s plotline decided to borrow the actor too. So Colin stepped out of breeches and into ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, as Mark Darcy. A slightly different name, but the character fundamentally the same. A role Firth so convincingly repeated in films such as ‘Love Actually’, perhaps because he embodies many of these morally upstanding qualities.

As born with an emphasis of Earth Signs, including Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Saturn Capricorn, Colin really is a ‘salt of the earth’ type’. His many planets in Virgo bestowing this reserved nature, while a dependable Taurus Moon gives loyalty to the women in his life, ‘ma mere, ma femme et Jane Austen’, but also Venusian’s good looks. However, Saturn in Capricorn makes Colin rather shy concerning this, fuelled further by a challenging Libra Venus aspect, making it difficult for Colin to see himself as a sex symbol, to his wife he is ‘the man who doesn’t pick up his socks’!

However all this has kept him grounded, while his film career has rocketed. Beginning with his Bafta winning performance in ‘A Single Man’, a reign of glory continues with ‘The King’s Speech’. Where ironically Colin’s portrayal of King George VI’s struggle to deliver speeches has caused him to deliver quite a few, accepting a Golden Globe, SAG and Critic’s Choice among others. A perfect role for Firth, as his Virgo planets give him the attention to detail needed to play this reluctant King, who was blighted by his stammer.

While transiting planets including Pluto in Capricorn to his Saturn, and particularly Jupiter’s movement in Pisces have activated a period of mirth for Firth, his already strong natal opposition between Gemini Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius in its rulings sign promises greatness, while Virgo Mercury in aspect gives everyday success. However, Jupiter’s transit in Pisces provides the missing cornerstone to ultimate triumph.

Future transits from Saturn and Pluto show more activity and an interesting period in Colin’s diary, with Star on Walk of Fame = 1, Awards = many, Oscar = Touchdown!