Astrology June 1st 2013

Astrology June 1st 2013 Welcome to June. Last month may have been dominated by Gemini energy, well June is set to have plenty of the Cancer variety, with Venus joining with Mercury as soon as Monday. By mid-month the two will be virtually side by side, and this will bring some very different vibes to bear.

Astrology June 1st 2013

Today the Moon continues in the dreamy Pisces, although the backdrop of the Pisces Quarter Moon will prevail for a week. However later today, she is going to go at a right angle with both Venus and Jupiter. To be honest this is not too brutal, and points more towards a tendency to excess, or resistence to doing the things we know we should be doing.

However, the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter themselves is at an end, as Venus speeds up ready to wave goodbye to Gemini on Monday. So expect perhaps a slightly less well choreographed social scene this weekend, with a few undercurrents and moods.

Yet with the Sun now exactly sextile to Uranus, that doesn’t mean there can’t be some dazzling possibilities, because there can be. It’s just the best of these may come about in the most unexpected of ways. Plans can also be quite fluid so keep an open mind. To understand how June will pan out for you please join me for your free Monthly Horoscope Video for each zodiac sign.

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