Horoscope 15th March

Horoscope Thursday 15th March. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto stay in a glorious alliance, known as the Grand Trine and with Venus so close to being exact to Jupiter, we have reasons to be cheerful, and to coin Ian Dury, reasons to be cheerful 1,2 3.

Horoscope 15th March

As the Moon in Capricorn passes over Pluto later today, this can ramp up the energy that these four planets are emanating even more.

Yet all this can be about growth, practicality, establishing firmer foundations and change, and true enough Fixed Zodiac sign Taurus where Venus and Jupiter lay, doesn’t always welcome change.

Mercury tension

So, see things in baby steps if need be, though more dramatic alterations are possible. Yet, all this may be fraying nerves, due to the more frenetic link between Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, and Mercury’s retrograde, always a breeding ground for misunderstandings.

If you can, try to count to ten, instead of just three, especially if someone is trying to play power games – Pluto in Capricorn – against, the freedom loving energies of the Mercury Uranus duo.

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