Horoscopes 18th March

Horoscopes Sunday 18th March. Happy Mothers Day. So what are the portents today? The Moon in Aquarius forges a fab angle to Mercury and Uranus early on but squares Venus and Jupiter later.

Horoscopes 18th March

The Square between the Moon and Venus and Jupiter shouldn’t be too much of a problem, in fact much delight can come from surprise visits and gifts, but changes in arrangements are possible, disrupting some people, delighting others. The Sun also enters the last few degrees in Pisces, preparing way for its move into Aries next Tuesday.

Weekly Horoscope Videos from 19th March

Furthermore join me for your Weekly¬† Horoscope Video. Find out about Thursday’s New Moon conjuncts with Uranus, so expect lots of exciting and buzzy events to light up your week. This may see some unexpected revelations, or you may decide to just go for it on something you have been pondering for some while.

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