April 2011, astrological overview…

You are likely to read quite a bit about the clustering of planets in Aries. Many astrologers are flagging this up for the go-getting qualities of this zodiac sign, and rightly so, especially with the planet which provides the key influence to Aries, Mars, arriving back in it as early as the 2nd of April.

And Mars immediately pulls up alongside the rebel rouser Uranus, which is a recent arrival itself, and the two together can definitely see sparks fly, with all sorts of possibilities seeming to happen quite suddenly and randomly.

We need to understand however, that Mars is about gratification, instant gratification in this placement, and Uranus, is hardly going to quell this impatience, quite the reverse in fact. This can therefore, see some tempestuous outbursts, cravings for freedom, new starts and a huge desire to make things happen quickly. Well, in certain situations that might well be fab. But in others, it may see things heat up rather too quickly.

Furthermore on the 3rd of April, there is a New Moon in Aries, and ordinarily this would be a super positive thing, especially for Aries folk themselves. Yet this one is really quite unique, because it is opposed by the restrictive influence of Saturn, rotating backwards in fair-minded Libra. Now, I am a bit of a fan of Saturn, despite its reputation as the tough nut of the zodiac, because I have a strong work ethic, and…it is about structure and self-discipline, which are not bad things in the hectic lives we all seem to lead. But in this scenario, Saturn represses the positive “New Start” energy of the Aries New Moon, and can act as a dampener.

Now, it may be that Saturn’s opposition will be a good counterbalance for the more reckless potential of Mars conjunct Uranus, cautioning that diving in feet first isn’t always a good idea, but…for some individuals, if any need for change is stymied, this could lead to huge frustration and frayed nerves.

The potential for exasperation is further ramped up, because Aries energy is a “do now, think about it later” vibe. And I personally love the way Aries people can go with a gut feeling, and just do it, which is admirable.

But with talk and thought Mercury also in this cluster of planets in Aries (the full list, or Stellium as it is known in the trade is – the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus) and retrograde through to the 22nd of April, well, expect a lot of one step forwards two back situations, both in your own life and in world affairs. As I have flagged recently, issues around aviation, trains, ports, industrial disputes affecting the transport and distributive industries, are much more likely.

We also need to bear in mind the clash between Mars and Pluto in Week Two. This could be crucial for events in Syria, Libya and the Yemen. This is where the desire for freedom will peak, but so can the ruthlessness to repress it. In your own situation, power battles may creep in. Don’t let any overly forceful characters do a number on you, stand your ground, but look to be ethical in your own behaviour.

Midmonth or on the 18th, there is a Libran Full Moon, but this time, after the help, or pain that Saturn has caused us on the New Moon, we have a chance to get to grips with things more positively around balancing rights and freedoms, in the last half of the month.

In the last third of the month, things get a lot lighter. Venus enters Aries, and its natural smoothing and soothing and diplomacy will help no end, Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd and the Sun’s transition into Taurus, will quite naturally earth a lot of things, elements and strands down. I would optimistic of better conditions for us all from then.

Just one final thing, Venus does itself clash with Pluto at the end of the month, so if someone dangles cash, or sex in your direction, look at the catches, or if there is a power compromise you don’t want to make.

Good luck, Patrick